Solid Gold Media off and running

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Solid Gold Media Releases

Solid Gold Media based out of Tempe Arizona has opened it’s marketing doors and offers a full variety of media solutions. Affiliate home based business program advertising offering custom audio and video for the affiliate who doesnt have a large radio or tv advertising budget is a perfect product to allow affiliates to market their product or service via their website or through email campaigns. Ray Petty has been in the media marketing arena for 15 years and has worked for companies like General Motors and the Martin Automotive Group and had a multitude of ecommerce responsiblities and provided website enhancements to over 15 dealerships around the country and has a background in broadcasting and sales marketing and promotion and also internet streaming and listener aggregation campaigns.

Solid Gold Media offers voiceovers for radio and tv commercials as well as actual production along with social media marketing, image and branding campaigns and a variety of website enhancements.

Solid Gold Media brings their brand to the market at competitive rates. Give Solid Gold Media a try. Subscribe to their twitter and linked in accounts under SOLIDGOLDMEDIA


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