Solid Gold Media Offers Home-Based Affiliates WHOLESALE DIRECT Media Pricing

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Solid Gold Media Releases

With all the thousands of home based business owners in the market, each of them has received marketing calls to be UPSOLD for tools for their business. While they DO NEED TO ADVERTISE, the prices the actual home based business company is charging are so high MANY cannot afford it. While most people would love to have RADIO…TV…WEBMEDIA…Complete Social Media Presence….maybe even a second landing page besides their AFFILIATE WEBSITE…being charged prices like 10-15-20 or more THOUSAND DOLLARS….it makes it tough for a home based business owner to actually break even after laying out those amounts of money. Solid Gold Media does a lot of production for various home based business opportunities around the country. They are now offering media packages for home based businesses as well as ANY type of business including custom audio and video for radio/tv/or webmedia at wholesale prices. Get a FULL PACKAGE OF MEDIA for less than the cost of ONE TV MEDIA UPSELL FROM THE BIG COMPANIES. Complete social media automation for Facebook..Twitter..Linked iN and others. Custom landing pages…cell phone text messaging for businesses as well as their new MOBILE WEBSITE for businesses giving them their own cell phone application for their business.Businesses LOVE having their own APP. More to come from Solid Gold Media soon!


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