Ray Petty tries his hand at a video short after years of audio voiceover and production


Solid Gold Media announced today that they are teaming up with Dunson and Associates for an interesting residual building “MAKE ME A CHEF” star program. Ray Petty says, “I have finished the ground work with James Dunson of Dunson and Associates and creator of NeighborhoodChef.tv to market a residual building program where a person who has a passion for cooking can have their very own cooking show.” Petty added, “This program allows a person to earn residual income and have fun at the same time and they get paid everytime another person comes onboard to have their own show produced.” NeighborhoodChef has several different packages to offer a prospect. The website will be ready to go completely by the end of the month so stay tuned for the big announcement. James Dunson says, “We already have over 50 applicants and it looks like our shooting schedule is going to be maxed out in a very short period of time”. They have also been approached by a local cable network with the possibility of doing a pilot series on cable tv.


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We had the pleasure of producing a welcome video greeting/commercial for http://www.dwscott.com . They have 3 different programs to help their clients in financial straights. We will be posting various samples on the web and if you decide this is something you would like on your website, contact us directly at greetings@solidgoldmedia.com and someone will be in touch. You will be surprised at just how cost effective this can be and remember, your website has the greatest potential of reaching MORE people than any other media out there so take advantage and get yours today!

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